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CountryPassport is the gateway to connecting the Rural & Hunting Communities of Australia.

We created CountryPassport to help assist in the connection, providing of information and more of the rural and hunting communities in and around Australia. With CountryPassport, you can keep up to date with the information you care about, and the people you care about. There's no flooding of your feeds with information that you find unnecessary or irrelevant.

With CountryPassport you can update your profile with posts, share photos and videos with your friends and the relevant communities, upload and share recipes, view our extensive database on the animals found within Australia, see location specific data on public hunting grounds, farming and more. Further to that, we provide a section called "Communities" which is a grouping of like minded posts and people, where you can see only the information that you care about.

We're committed to creating a modern, safe and fun social network for all Australians to use, to connect with their families, friends and other like minded rural/hunting groups.

We're currently in our beta, which means that things may at times not go how we've planned, and we would really appreciate any feedback that can be given. This can be sent to us at beta@countrypassport.com.au, or by using the beta feedback form that can be accessed in the menu bar.

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